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Group Obedience Courses

Group Level     (8 week Course)

The Level I Group course is a basic on-leash obedience course covering the following behaviors: Heel with Automatic Sit, Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Down Stay, and Recall to Front.  Commands are verbal and/or by hand signal.  Stays are maintained at a close distance through minimal distractions.  

Group Level     (8 week Course)

The Level II Group course is an On/Off Leash course for dogs and handlers who have completed Level I obedience and wish to improve their dog’s performance and overall reliability.  It covers the following behaviors: On-leash Heel at multiple speeds with Automatic Sit, right, left and about turns, Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Down Stay, Recall to front at a reasonable distance, and Finish Heel.  Commands are verbal and/or by hand signal.  Off-Leash stays and recalls are maintained for a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable distance through a medium level of distraction.  

Group Level III     (8 week Course)

The Level III Group course is for dogs and handlers that have successfully completed Level II Obedience and wish to challenge themselves and their dogs in advanced off-leash obedience including the following: Sit in Motion, Down in Motion, Down on Recall, Recall to front at a great distance through distractions, Finish Heel, Drive Building and an Introduction to Jumps, Retrieves and Trick Training.  All commands are verbal and/or by hand signal from any position on or off leash.  Stays are maintained for a maximum amount of time through maximum distraction.  

  Private and In-Home Lessons are available to cover the following:
˛       All Levels of Obedience ˛       Trick Training
˛       Behavior Problem Solving
˛       Aggressive and Defensive Dogs
˛       Housebreaking and Socialization
˛       Personal Protection
˛       Tracking and Agility
˛       Sport Training
*(In-Home Lesson Prices are in additional to Transportation Costs)

 The purpose of Group and Private Lessons is to educate you, the owner, on how to train and handle your dogs.  We do not train your dog for you, therefore, your dog’s success will depend on the amount of quality time you spend training your dog outside of class.