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In-Kennel Obedience Courses

Puppy Foundation Course     (under 6 Months)     (5 Weeks)

This course covers the foundation for basic obedience along with socialization.  Behaviors covered include the Heel with Automatic Sit, Sit, Sit Stay, Down, and Down Stay using both verbal commands and hand signals.  Housebreaking routine and crate training is introduced and transferred to your home.

Level I                                          (4 Weeks)

The Level I Obedience course is an on-leash course which teaches the following behaviors: Heel at multiple speeds with Automatic Sit, right and left turns, Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Down Stay, and Recall to Front.  Commands are verbal and/or by hand signal.  Stays are maintained at a close distance through minimal distractions. 

Level II                                        (6 Weeks)

The Level II Obedience course is an On/Off Leash course covering the following behaviors:  On-leash Heel at multiple speeds with Automatic Sit, right, left, and about turns, Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Down Stay, Recall to front at a reasonable distance, and Finish Heel.  Commands are verbal and/or by hand signal.  Off-Leash stays and recalls are maintained for a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable distance through a medium level of distraction. 

Level III                                      (8 Weeks)

Level III Obedience is a course that prepares the dog for Off-Leash obedience.  The following behaviors are covered:  Heel at multiple speeds with Automatic Sit, right, left and about turns, Sit, Sit Stay, Down, Down Stay, Sit in Motion, Down in Motion, Down on Recall, Recall to front at a great distance, and Finish Heel.  All commands are verbal and/or by hand signal from any position on or off leash.  Stays are maintained for a maximum amount of time through maximum distractions. 

Housebreaking     (in addition to course fee)

We provide a foundation for housebreaking your puppy or adult dog by introducing your dog to a specific crate training routine and feeding/watering schedule along with constant supervision to insure success.  This routine is then continued by you when the dog returns home to prevent “accidents” from happening until the dog is housebroken. 

Socialization     (in addition to course fee)

Our socialization program is beneficial and strongly recommended for both puppies and adult dogs.       It provides healthy and positive interactions with both people and other dogs in a safe and controlled environment.  We also introduce your puppy or dog to social distractions such as bicycles, automobiles, large groups of people, kids, and many other common social experiences which your dog is sure to come in contact with throughout its lifetime.  Proper socialization is one of the most fundamental aspects of raising a confidant, well-balanced dog. 

Additional Services

Following are some of the additional training services available:

²       Problem Solving

²       Protection Training

²       Behavior Modification

²       Trick Training

²       Training for specific titles

²       Tracking, Agility, Etc.

All dogs are individuals and learn at different rates.  Some dogs learn very quickly while others require more time and patience, because of this, we can only give an approximate time frame for the completion of our courses.  Also, your dog’s ability to retain what is has learned is directly related to your involvement in it’s training now and once it returns home.  Please actively participate in your dog’s training by attending the handling lessons included with your course.